Monday, June 02, 2008

More on Obama to Come?

Apparently there's a bit more yet to come on Obama. (You might have to wait quite some time for the site to load; it's taking quite a few hits.)

And the gig will be up when the Michelle tape hits the airwaves. One source described how this tape was acquired. Let’s just say that one of the republican candidates who is no longer in the race, but had a dandy oppo research capability, uncovered this gem. If Republican poohbahs have their way the tape will remain on ice until October. But when it comes out, Barack will be permanently branded with the Nation of Islam. That’s not a winning platform in November. And Barack’s bundlers understand this threat. I also have learned some major financial backers are asking the Barack team about the tape and are being stonewalled. It is a wild card in the political campaign that has not yet played out.

And it's not Obama; it's Michelle (my Belle) who is featured, along with Farrakhan.

On the other hand: it was Roger Stone who 'revealed' this--on Geraldo.

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Fair Play said...

"...remain on ice until October"? Why? If this is true why would they wait to release it? This is what I meant awhile back that people (Rush/conservatives) are playing "Russian roulette" with our future. I don't even want to risk the chance that someone as racist as Obama and his wife may get into the White House. That seems so insane to me. Get rid of them NOW.