Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Malchine Ethanol Money

Followup on our recent post regarding Mr. (and Mrs.) Malchine, Corn-A-Holers and farmers, and recipients of over $800,000.00 in Federal crop subsidies...

(By the way, that $800K does NOT include Federal subsidies for Badger State Ethanol, the Malchines' investment, nor does it include any tax credits for same.)

Seems they like to cover the bases.

There's the matter of the $500.00 contribution to DarthDoyle from Doris Malchine. That one was the subject of a complaint filing--Mrs. Malchine didn't fill in all the blanks on her donation card.

Malchine & wife also contributed to Lazich, Gunderson, Brett Davis, Turner, McCormick, Gard, and Vos.

Owen wondered why DarthDoyle won't let go of Big Corn. Binversie suggested that the Farm Bureau could make life difficult for Jimbo if he crossed them.

I suggest that there are a lot of rabbits running for cover...

And the rabbits dined well on the lettuce during election years.

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