Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stop Ethanol: "Going Nowhere"?

Moonbattery reports.

Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) is regrettably chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. The reason he opposes lightening up on new ethanol requirements is priceless: it could "lead to unintended consequences."

Too bad clowns like Dingleberry didn't think of unintended consequences before they started imposing biofuels in the first place.

When people get hungry enough, the boondoggle will end. Similarly, gas will eventually become so expensive that the restrictions on drilling that have been imposed to appease envirowackos will be lifted. It might take a large mob of villagers closing in on Capitol Hill with torches ablaze, but it will happen.

One of the quotations in the story came from Bob Dineen, who is the president of the Renewable Fuel Association.

A former member of the Board of Renewable Fuels is a fellow named Malchine--a Wisconsin farmer who died recently.

Mr. Malchine was the President of Malchine Farms.

Malchine Farms snatched over $800, 000.00 in Federal crop "subsidies" from 1999-2006.

At least the Malchine family is recycling those dollars into Congressional pockets. How very green of them.

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