Friday, May 02, 2008

Kathleen Falk, Call Your Office

The screw-up in Madison, which may have cost the life of a UW-Madison student, seems to rest with the Dane County 911 folks.

That would be Kathleen Falk's administration, right?

Well, for someone who had her flap running a lot while she was running for AG, seems that Ms. Falk (or Mrs. Bock) has gone to ground.

Hello!! Kathleen!! You wanna comment??

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Bruce said...

Hey, dad29 --

Wanted to make sure you caught this from last night's WKOW 10:00 news...

Falk has spoken loud and clear. Policy was followed, this is no one's fault.

All is well. Dane County's 911 call center is, in Falk's words, "top notch".

Dad29 said...

yah, Bruce, her final statement ("...can't talk about that right now...") was played on the Milwaukee news last night.

I smell LAWSUIT-AVOIDANCE here, as well as the old "Not you, not me, it's the man behind the tree" game.

Well, Kathleen Falk/Bock: this is where your "hug-a-thug" meets bloody reality.