Friday, May 02, 2008

9-1-1 or S-&-W?

The Lefty governing-crowd in Madistan and Dane County, headlined by "Mayor Dave" and Kathleen (Hug-a-Crook) Falk, have inadvertently produced a real-life advertisement for Common Sense.

Falk's Dane County 911 response center and the City of Madistan's Cop Shop are now in a pissing match over 'who dropped the ball' in the murder of Brittany Zimmerman, a UW student.

But what anyone on the outside of that cozy little circle of latte-drinking/brie-eating Lefties who run Madistan and Dane County learns from the fiasco is something that the National Rifle Association (and others) have said for a long time:

Be prepared to defend yourself with deadly force.

In Dane County, no one ELSE will.


Headless Blogger said...

D29 - There is reason that people have to wait to shoot on weekends at Deerfield Pistol. Even Dane County residents understand self-defense.

Prosqtor said...

The saying rings true, unfortunately...

"Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6."