Thursday, April 03, 2008

Under "Irony" Her Picture

SCOWI Justice "Screechin'Shirley" Abrahamson, commenting on Tuesday's election:

"I expect every judge to call every case on the basis of the law, the facts as each sees it, free of any ideology or agenda,"

...just like you, eh, Shirley?

HT: WisPolitics


Anonymous said...

She's up for re-election next year. Maybe we can get rid of her, too.

Reaganite said...

There is a little secret in her statement "the facts as each sees it." Since when are the facts not the facts but, instead, are the facts as they are seen?

The Wisconsin Supremes issued a decision last week, Stuart v. Weisflog's Showroom Gallery, Inc., that exemplifies this point. The majority (it was another 4-3 decision) used different facts than those determined by the jury, forgetting that once the jury speaks, absent some extraordinary circumstance, the facts are without doubt the facts found by the jury. Roggensack, writing the dissent (which Prosser and Ziegler joined) pointed this out.