Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Three Years and One Day Ago

Terry Schiavo, executed by Court order in Florida.

Obamamamama regrets that he was unable to hasten her death.


capper said...

She wasn't executed. She had been dead for years. She was allowed to go home, as the Lord meant for her. She was released from her mortal prison.

In other words, she wasn't alive, she only existed.

Dan said...

capper, sorry, but the government killed her.
I take it then you are for capitol punishment?
I agree her brain was pretty much fried and she didn't have the quality of life she had before. However, she had 2 parents who were willing to love her and give her all the help she would need.
Capper, would you also say the say the same thing about the severely mentally disabled? In your mind, do they just exist?

capper said...

Actually, Dan, I do favor the death penalty in certain cases.

There is a difference between the most profoundly mentally retarded (remember that I work with this population) and someone who is brain dead. I have a client with an IQ so low it can't be measured, but he still knows happiness and love. Terry did not have that capacity anymore.

No amount of help would have brought her back. The parents and the government were the ones trying to play God by keeping her corpse alive.

Her parents may have loved her, but they did not want what was her wishes, or in her best interest. They just couldn't let go, and her body was forced to linger in limbo.

Dad29 said...

Evidently you accept some standard of "brain death", Capper.

What, precisely, IS the 'standard' that you accept?

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Furthermore Capper, how do you know she didn't feel love? Happiness?

capper said...

Given the fact that there wasn't enough of her brain left viable to even maintain breath or other involuntary actions, I would classify that as effectively brain dead. And I think that would also effectively wipe out any chance of higher functionings, like emotions.

Steve Cavanaugh said...


I think you may have some facts wrong. Schiavo was not on a breathing machine. She was receiving artificial nutrition and water. The water and nutrition were removed and she died weeks later. Prior to that she certainly was breathing, having a heart beat, digesting, etc. on her own.

The post-death autopsy showed severe degradation of the brain...but that may well have been due in part to the starvation and dehydration which were the proximate cause of death.

She was not classified by the doctors involved as "brain dead"; she was classified as in a "persistent vegatative state" (PVS), which is not an actual medical diagnosis, but a collection of symptoms, and which is reversible, as some people diagnosed as in PVS have later come back to consciousness.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Well until you know with certainty, I don't think you can make that claim.

Neo-Con Tastic said...
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