Friday, April 11, 2008

"Stiffer Penalties" for Gun Crimes?

The Mayor of Milwaukee has a new battle cry.

Barrett said the upcoming special legislative session on the Great Lakes compact, which Gov. Jim Doyle announced Wednesday, should be broadened so lawmakers can consider stiffer penalties on gun sales and possession.

The Feds have a hat-load of "stiffer penalties" for gun-related offenses--especially for felons-in-possession. One of those laws mandates jail-time (Club Fed) for felons who are in possession of a SINGLE BULLET--even without the gun.

Perhaps State laws should be "stiffened." OK.

But what's the hangup with using the Federal prosecutors?

Well, as it turns out, maybe "penalties" aren't the only agenda item.

...more funds for the district attorney's community prosectors would be important steps, the mayor said. He also urged criminal background checks for private sales of handguns.

Pump more money into Milwaukee.

As to background checks on private sales: this is another case of punishing the innocent many for the activity of the guilty few. No different from requiring a Wisconsin drivers' license to purchase cold tablets.

Maybe the State Legislature should require a Wisconsin ID for voting as part of the package.


Josh said...

What the hell does the great lakes compact have to do with gun crimes? Isn't it about the damn lakes and use of their water? Next they'll want to sneak a smoking ban into it.

Dad29 said...

What the hell does common sense have to do with politics?