Friday, April 04, 2008

St. Louis Archdiocese Shows the Way

Although the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's musical heritage is excellent, St. Louis' has been good too.

The difference? St. Louis intends to re-capture its heritage.

A priest who is an accomplished musician and authority on the Church’s musical heritage is moving to St. Louis to head the new Institute of Sacred Worship for the archdiocese. Archbishop Raymond L. Burke is announcing through a memo sent to all parishes today, April 4, the appointment of Father Samuel A. Weber, OSB, as the institute’s first director.

Father Weber is a professor in the divinity school of Wake Forest University in North Carolina and also a monk of the St. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana. He has "a wide experience of pastoral work and teaching," the archbishop stated in his memo.

The archbishop’s memo indicated that the new office will offer to parish music directors and choirs several educational programs, including those in Gregorian Chant; singing of the Mass in English, particularly the Entrance Antiphon, the Responsorial Psalm and the Communion Antiphon; the Liturgy of the Hours; and the full implementation of the English translation of the Roman Missal.

Father Weber, who will live at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, also will offer instruction to seminarians

Fr. Weber is very good and well-known. St Meinrad's has a solid tradition--one of their priests wrote some good stuff and was highly-regarded by Sr. Theophane Hytrek, OSF--a good judge of talent and a good composer/musician in her own right.

Maybe, someday, here in Milwaukee.....


Joe said...

Musical heritage? Who cares. Progressives know Burke is nothing more than an embarrassment to the Catholic Church and afraid to let go of the reins to the laity. He is nothing more than a shifty legalist. Jesus absolutely condemned the antics of legalists. If you want to hear more of the truth about Burke, come to When I have finished converting the pathetic people there, I shall move on to greener pastures in the blogosphere. Your pasture will be one of them.

You traditional reactionary Catholics are a joke. And I can make mincemeat out of your sad little traditions with no effort at all on my part.

Dad29 said...

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Aquinas said...

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Note to "Joe":
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Dad29 said...

His stuff can be deleted.

But Aq, he's so intellectually superior to all of us that I'm sure his stuff is a "must read" for salvation or something.

Rustler45 said...

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David H said...

I thought Joe was being sarcastic.