Tuesday, April 01, 2008

P-Mac Hits a Homer

In a blog supportive of Scott Walker, P-Mac shows us the Man Behind the Curtain.

...Taxes are the pinion of a huge debate over how encompassing or invasive government ought to be. They are the lever of government’s cost.

There is very much a strain of thought that says if anyone weeps, anyone hurts, anyone needs, it is government that ought to be making it all better. This radically departs from the traditional American understanding that society’s duties are not necessarily or even beneficially congruent with government’s duties. This argument, over whether government will be the central actor in American life or will be a useful but limited tool of society is playing out at all levels, and the traditional understanding that government ought to be limited for the good of our liberty has been losing for decades.

In fact, the appetite for taxes often crowds out the average man's propensity for charitable giving. When the Milwaukee Symphony (or your local church) needs $2,500.00, and at the very same time the Wisconsin Department of Revenue removes that amount from your paycheck at the point of a gun, guess who gets the money?

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