Friday, April 11, 2008

On Back-Beat in Church

It's a no-no.

"Music has become today the decisive vehicle of a counter-religion and thus the scene of the discernment of spirits in a form that we could not have suspected a generation ago. Because rock music seeks redemption by way of liberation from the personality and its responsibility, it takes, in one respect, a very precise position in the anarchical ideas of freedom which predominate today in a more unconcealed way in the West than in the East. But precisely for that reason, it is thoroughly opposed to the Christian notion of redemption and of freedom as its exact contradiction. Not for aesthetic reasons, not from reactionary obstinacy, not from historical immobility, but because of its very nature music of this type must be excluded from the Church."

One suspects that rock isn't good stuff no matter the venue...

Put another way, if you think that the moral compass of Bill Clinton & Co. is bad for the USA, then recognize that said 'compass' was formed in the age of sex/drugs/rock'n'roll...

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