Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More State Budget Deficit (!!)

Here's another "doh!" moment, brought to you by the endlessly-clueless twits who rule this State.

Cigarette sales from October of 2007 through March have resulted in tax collections of about $207.2 million, compared to about $120.6 million for the same period in 2006-07, according to the Revenue numbers, including the preliminary March numbers for this year. Reinhardt said while it's too early to call it a trend, if collections continue at this rate the revenue from the cigarette tax would fall some $10 million below the $448.9 million projection from the LFB.

What COULD be the cause of this....ah....mis-project-ulation?

Matt Hauser, president of the Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Stores Association, said his retailers, especially those on the state border, have seen sales declines up to 30 percent.

"Our guess is 30 percent of adult smokers in Wisconsin didn't quit smoking in the last few months," Hauser says. "Those sales are likely going out of state or to the Internet. The state is not getting any revenue from those sales."

"The INTERNET? What's that?

"You mean that someone could purchase goods from out-of-state (or offshore) without using the TELEPHONE? Or the TELEGRAPH? And get it shipped to them without the PONY EXPRESS??"

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Paul said...

and how many of them are buying cigs at the casinos? And not paying taxes. And the casinos make more money. And give more money to DarthDoyle.