Friday, April 04, 2008

If You Read ANYthing Today...

Read this interview: Karl Rove w/Gentleman's Quarterly.


Q.) So the Dems have two rattled candidates?

A.) Right. Now, you got one candidate who's got an appeal to the blue-collar Democrats: Clinton. I call them the beer drinkers. And then you got the white-wine crowd, which Obama appeals to. There's a brilliant article by Ron Brownstein in the latest issue of National Journal in which he charts the change in the nature of the Democrat-primary vote, and it's becoming younger, more affluent, and more liberal. And that means that blue-collar Democrats, whatever's left of them, are on their way out of the Democratic Party.

We told you so, by the way. Right here.

It is interesting to note that neither Clinton nor Obama support a "working-class agenda," --see the NAFTA embarrassments--but of course, outside of P J Buchanan, there is no Republican of note who does, either. More important, the Democrat Party's emancipation from a 'moral' foundation (which was driven by its acceptance of 'secular liberalism') has created a larger group of disaffected: the 'religious Right,' which revolted with the Democrat embrace of free/easy abortion--the linchpin of the 'secularism'--not to mention its dalliance with gay "marriage" and other fringe oddities of that sort.

But you want more Rove, right?

Q.) Tell us about your wife.

A.) She's a terrific, courageous person.

Q.) Is it hard being married to you?

A.) Uh, I don't think it's hard being married to me. I think it's hard being married in public with me

The reporter grudgingly kinda likes Rove:

To be with Rove is to listen to a man who is utterly articulate and insightful and at the same time utterly…what's the word? Plain? Normal? Caucasian? If you didn't know he used to be Bush's Brain, if you didn't know he is widely credited/blamed with leading the Republican Party to an era of total world domination, if you didn't recognize him (as numerous gawkers inside the Muse hotel restaurant do) as the man W. famously dubbed "Turd Blossom," you'd think he was a middle-management sales lackey in town to sell Ginsu knives or something.

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