Sunday, April 13, 2008

If You Do "It"--Consequences

The "consequence-free" mentality is a myth.

Girls who become sexually active before age 17 are almost 70 percent more likely to experience a crisis pregnancy in later life and three times more likely to procure abortion in their lifetime than those who wait until they are older, according to a study released by the Irish Crisis Pregnancy Agency.

The Irish Study of Sexual Health and Relationships, the largest nationally representative study on sexual knowledge, attitudes and behaviour ever undertaken in Ireland, was published by the Department of Health and the Crisis Pregnancy Agency (CPA) today

The 'pill/condom' solution? Not likely, given this:

The study also found that, for people under 30, 38 percent of men and around 20 percent of women said they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs when they lost their virginity

Nancy Reagan was right. The word is "NO."


John Foust said...

In Ireland? And what's the implication? That marriage prevents unhappiness, "crisis pregnancies," alcohol- and drug-induced changes in activity, and STIs?

Dad29 said...

Last I checked, John, the Irish are also humans--they share our nature.

The implication is that early SEX causes those problems, not that 'marriage prevents' them.

Reading Is Important, John!

grumps said...

And what about girls exposed to education about prevention of pregnancy and disease? What about those taught something other than abstinence?

Are they accounted for in your data? It would seem that contraception would lead to less pregnancy than the lack of contraception.

For those kinds of education Ireland would seem a less than welcoming test case.

Dad29 said...

....yah, right.

The only 100% foolproof method of preventing both VD and PG is abstinence. (Works DURING marriage, too!!)

2) Getting drunk or high before getting laid usually results in "forgetting" rubbers, which do NOT prevent AIDS.

3) They're not my personal stats. Closest I've been to Ireland is a local Irish pub.