Thursday, April 10, 2008

Headless: The REST of the Story

Headless has posted the rest of the starve-the-world-for-a-ride story.

Consider a full-size sedan, minivan or mid-size SUV using E10 fuel. In this case, 15 gallon can be a typical tank fill. Of the 15 gallons of E10 motor fuel, 10 percent, or 1.5 gallons, is ethanol.

Using the updated corn to ethanol conversion from the 2007 Ethanol Fact Book, it takes six-tenths of a bushel to produce that 1.5 gallon of ethanol (1.5 gallon divided by 2.5 gal. per bushel of corn). The 6/10 bushel is 33.6 pounds of corn.

So the simple answer is over 30 pounds of corn are taken off the plate of the proverbial Starving Child in Africa, every time you fill your Camry or Explorer.

That's a lot of cornflakes, folks.

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