Thursday, April 03, 2008

Gun Shopping Observations

Was at Fletcher's, my favorite gun-shop the other day, assisting a daughter in the purchase of a handgun. She chose a 9mm Springfield semi-auto after trying one and after a long discussion of the reason(s) she was purchasing and what she was comfortable with.

She was well-served by a very sagacious salesman, and is a happy camper.

As to the observations:

I was struck by the fact that during our time in the store (about 2 hours, including some range-time) I was one of only 5 customers over the age of 50. During that time, there were also 12 or more customers who were decidedly under 30 years of age, and more than half of them were women.

Five years ago, there might have been 5 customers under 30 years of age, and only one of them a female.

We discussed that with the salesman today, who confirmed that in the last several months Fletcher's has enjoyed a large increase in young customers, and young female customers--but he offered no explanation.

An incurious fellow...

By the way, that war in Iraq is driving up the price of ammo!!! 6 boxes of 147g 9mm now list for just over $100.00.


Mike Plaisted said...

Wow, really? Over $100? I'll have to put it on my Christmas list -- that's always a busy time for firing 'em off, anyway. Damn kids caroling and all.

By the way, what are BBs going for these days? After all, my 3-year-old's birthday is coming up and...

Yours in good shootin'


Phelony Jones said...

They don't happen to carry tweed holsters, do they?

That's neat that she has her first gun. I have yet to have mine. Perhaps it will come in handy in my new location, although I am hoping that it will be much less necessary to worry about there than it is in my current digs.

Amy said...


Get it before Obama wins. The "messiah" wants to roll back conceal-carry.

I'm putting it on my list for an early Christmas present - or perhaps part of my "economic stimulus" contribution.

Dad29 said...

Mike, I haven't priced BB's--but you can buy .17mm pellets online (see, e.g.,

About 3.00 plus shipping for 250 BB's.

About 4.50 for 250 pellets.

Phel--look at Uncle Mike's accessories online. They have very nice blue-jean fannypacks which just happen to fit around full-size 9mm pistols.

Sorry, I didn't check for tweed.

Amy--with the "stimulus" check you can purchase a very nice CZ in 9mm, including sales tax.

Mike Plaisted said...

Thanks, Dad. But now I'm thinking my little shooter can't quite tear it up enough with the pea-shooter -- I'm thinking he can handle the recoil, so I think we are going with the new Hello Kitty Bully Stopper .22. I hear the armor-piercing version works really well driving through baby fat and comes in diaper-bag blue.

Funny thing -- I heard some weak mother at the playground complain about their kid picking up a stick and pointing it at a friend and saying "bang". Can you imagine that, Dad? I think it that kind of conflict-avoidance that could be the end of us.

Unless all of us are armed, only the criminals will have arms. I want them to see me coming as much as I can see them. Anyone approaching within 5 feet is on notice that the violation of my personal space is a threat to me and my family. Back off, man! That's what a sense of community is all about, right, Dad?

The day my boy gets armed-up is the day he can take his rightful place beside me at the garrisons. Hey, did somebody order pizza? No? Ready. Aim. Fire.

Dad29 said...

I want them to see me coming as much as I can see them.

You shoulda SAID that, Mikie.

Go here:

Which has descrips and pix of ammo for what you SHOULD purchase (given you want visibility): the M1A2 Abrams.

I suggest you reinforce your driveway before parking.

Headless Blogger said...

Dad - Mrs. Headless and daughter Headless are going handgun shopping today (Amy - awesome suggestion for that "stimu-palooza" check!). What would you recommend for a concealed carry sized pistol, both semi-auto & revolver?

Not that my daughter would ever illegally carry a pistol in WI. She's getting ready to move out of state. That's the ticket, out of state, where it can be carried legally.

Dad29 said...

First thing I'd recommend is a very good gun retailer (you can figure that out from the post's links.) They will take the time to listen to your daughter.

CZ makes a nice small semi-auto 9mm based on their enormously successful CZ-75--but the Springfield that my daughter bought is (arguably) just as good.

"Concealed" is almost a term of art--another consideration which a good retailer will explain.

In 6-guns, S&W has the "Airlite" line, IIRC in .38. Very small, concealable.

The challenge in "conceal-able" weapons is this: one wants to balance one's capacity to "handle" the weapon (accurately point and manage recoil) against weight of the weapon and length of barrel.

Generally, the less a weapon weighs, the more difficult it is to control recoil. Conversely, a heavier gun is---heavier and often larger.

Another consideration: short-barreled guns will have more muzzle-flash (which can temporarily blind the user at night.) OTOH, a long-barreled weapon is not as "concealable."

I hope that 'sets the table' for you as you go shoppping.

Last word: don't buy Big Caliber Guns just because Large Holes Stop Badguys Better. Buy the gun that she can handle for accuracy. A .37" hole, in the right place, is much better than a .45" hole in space.

Have fun!! Plan on dropping around $500-$750 for a new-in-box weapon--and plan on PLENTY of practice and lesson-time for her.