Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Election Results: Leftwing Moonbat Reaction

Taken from a local Leftyblog combox:

You have a business group representing some of the wealthiest people in the state and lately we find out a vulture fund that staked the swiftboat ads coughing up $50,000 to put on the bench a mediocre rumdum.

Then let's not forget about the cheap-shot pandering serial matriomonialist who doesn't heed his own banal "morality" tale about 50 rules, having the disrespect to call a sitting supreme court justice Loop Hole Louie.

What is there to be proud of? Voters in this state fell to appeals of fear to elect someone who is going to rule against their self-interest.

That's what passes for intelligent strategic thinking.

Oh, there's more:

Let's be clear. I am not proud of the people of voted for the supreme mediocrity, but that's still a minority of the state's voters.

Why should I? These people fell for ads that talked about issues that have nothing to do with the job to purposely have them look away from what WMC wants to really do with the court.

But you're on a roll. Why stop the lying and distorting now? It works doesn't it?

Stupidity, by the way, is voting against your self-interest. Stupidity is being a sucker.

They even attempt 'repartee:'

"The dumb new Supreme Court Justice and Walker , the college drop out, just kicked the liberal's butts."

And you're PROUD of that?

Wisconsinites who voted for Gableman might have meant well, but they were severely mislead [sic] by a political machine that framed the debate in phony, irrelevant terms and lies. I'm disappointed that so many people fell for it, but I'm mad as hell at the people that perpetrated the whole mess: Gableman's campaign and the business interests that supported it behind the scenes.

How can you be pleased with a candidate and a campaign that used outright lies to win? That preyed on people's fears? That wasn't nearly as qualified for the position being sought?

I just don't understand that, regardless of political affiliation.

"Meant well," but were hoodwinked by the Nefarious Evil Corporate Interests, the Seditious Family Interests, the Rebellious Selfish, and RACISTS!! (per the esteemed, but completely clueless Mordecai Lee, sage of the 1960's.)

Take your choice: if you voted for Walker or Gableman, you are either:

1) Stupid sheeple;
2) Selfish pigs;
3) Racist;
4) Some of the above;
5) ALL of the above.

In a few days, you'll be closet-Nazis, too. They'll get around to it...

But there's MORE!

With the successful backing of now-Justice Annette Ziegler last year, the WMC is two-for-two in back-to-back years, flipping the High Court's split to a 4-3 conservative majority.

And turning on the green light for whatever Big Business wants in Wisconsin - - new tax breaks, voided regulations, easier permitting and whatever else these conservative/libertarian business leaders desire.

The well-informed blogger took Civics 101 in the wrong country. (Perhaps Madison-istan?)

SCOWI does not 'grant' "tax breaks" and "easier permitting." At least, it does not do so if it actually follows the Constitution's separation-of-powers schema.

Hey, this is what passes as 'informed' midst the Elite--the Intellectualoids--the Should-Be-Masters of the Universe.


Headless Blogger said...

"closet-Nazis" - It didn't take long:

Dan said...

Thanks for using my comment.
The Nazi name calling was alive and well, in Madison, early this morning. What a shock.

James Rowen said...

Two things:

No one should throw that Nazi label around. I hate that and condemn it.

Secondly; I didn't say that the Court granted tax breaks. Give me a little credit here.

I mentioned tax breaks in a list of issue areas where the Court will likely rule in the WMC's favor if and when the WMC or another party were to raise a constitutional issue.

The list was a sample shorthand for the types of broad issues that can come before the court. I didn't say the Court would originate them.