Wednesday, April 02, 2008

DarthDoyle: Leaving Town Fast

Ol' Darth, the butt of TWO slam-dunks yesterday, decided to leave town and campaign for Obamamama.

Before leaving, he managed to scribble out a couple of sentences:

“It is a tragedy that such a fine judge and good human being was trashed during the campaign. Justice Butler has served with distinction and honor on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and I thank him for his fairness, his sense of justice and his lifelong commitment to public service.”

My, my. Just a very veiled and oblique reference to "special interest money."

Like Troha, Potowatami, WEAC, AFT, GWC, and the Democratic Governors' Conference, perhaps?

But I will join the Governor in thanking Louis Butler for his public service. Not necessarily for his rulings, but his service.


Jay Bullock said...

Are you seirously suggesting Doyle left because of the results? Tthe trip to NC was scheduled and publicized before the election.

But whatever gets you through the night, I suppose.

Dad29 said...

Jay, I will have a much better night than you.

The Supreme Court is aligned correctly for the first time in 4 years.

And speaking of FOUR YEARS...that's about Walker's term, ain'a?