Monday, April 07, 2008

China Is Our Friend!! Part 35,469

Despite the rumored divisions between the ChiCom Central Government and those of its provinces, and the "make nice-nice" GWB/Condi Rice patty-cake games, some folks get it straight--Pelosi and Sensenbrenner are two of them.

Here's a bit more of the narrative which does NOT involve Tibet.

[Picture in original of] Catholic Bishop John Han Dingxiang of Yong Nian defiantly holding a cross above the caged balcony in which he was imprisoned by the government hosting the Olympics.

ACN reported his death last year as follows: "In September 2007, the authorities knew Bishop Han was dying but insisted that nobody from the Church would be present at his bedside. Operating in secret, the authorities had his body cremated within hours of his death and took his remains by night to a public cemetery. His headstone omitted the word 'Bishop' from his name."

...Certainly, it's convenient for the Chinese authorities that martyrs and dissidents such as Bishop Han are, shall we say, out of the way.

John Han had spent years doing forced labour before being ordained priest in 1986 and bishop three years later. He was imprisoned on 11 separate occasions and spent about 35 years of his life in prison, labour camp or house arrest.

Seems to be a long way to go over there, no?

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