Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Bishop Gets It

Generally, Bp. Trautman and I are on different pages; here he demonstrates that it could be the same book, anyway.

Trautman issued a written statement on Monday, the day after the Catholic liberal-arts college announced Clinton would be speaking, saying he was disappointed with the college's decision to host Clinton, who supports abortion rights.

"I am disappointed in Mercyhurst College for not reflecting the pro-life stance of the Catholic Church regarding abortion," Trautman wrote. "As tangible expression of my disappointment, I have notified (Mercyhurst President Tom) Gamble that I will not be present for Mercyhurst's graduation."

Says CWN:

Trautman has rightly identified Clinton's pro-abortion position as a disqualifying one, rightly dismissed the argument that it's a Catholic college's responsibility to reinforce a defect in civil morality by providing her with a platform, and rightly given his judgment symbolic wallop by pulling out of the graduation ceremony. Trautman further deserves commendation for taking a stance that, controversial in itself, will be displeasing to many of his usual supporters. Good for him.

Now--about that small "Catholic" lib-arts college in DePere, WI...

In any case, kudos to Bp. Trautman!

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Anonymous said...

Goody for him. He's still one of the most Protestant antiCatholic bishops on the east coast. Don't pat him on the back too much. He probably will have her over for dinner. After all, Hill and Mister Sister Joan Chitester (the darling of the Erie diocese looneytunes) have much in common. Including abortion and witchcraft. So Donald doth protest too much.