Friday, February 01, 2008

McCain Flops on Leno

Yah, he appeared and had some good lines.

But something went wrong.

Whenever a candidate appears on that show, they will lay out a few policy items and/or campaign lines for the audience and the cameras. The audience will signal its approval of those positions.

When McPain babbled on about "global warming" and "green solutions", there was no--zero--NADA applause from the audience.

Some other proposals were met with applause (victory over terrorism, e.g.), and not just "polite" applause. But not his Gore-talk proposals.

Straight talk, maybe. Stupid talk--well, judge for yourself, John.


RAG said...

I don't think he flopped but McCain is in kind of a difficult spot.

The far right-wing never liked him and the moderates and liberals who backed him in 2000 sometimes feel that he's been too conservative and too aligned with Bush.

On the flip side, if the right and the left are pissing on him, maybe he is doing something right.

Dad29 said...

"...he is doing something right"

....yah, if electing the (D) is "something right."

Jeff Miller said...

McCain does not yet realize that you can't outliberal liberals and even when you take a position they agree with they will give him no credit for it.

Peter said...

Sorry, but Reagan conservatives are not the "far right" unless you are on the Left. The Stupid Party has stuck its finger up at conservatives for the last time. A lot of us are going to sit this one out, especially if McCain puts that Southern fried liberal — The Huckster — on the ticket as VP. All Huckabee is is John Edwards cloaked in "Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus." Screw them.

Peter said...

One more thing, when the blue-blood, country-club Republicans — who by the way absolutely despised Reagan and the people he brought into the GOP — ran the party, it was a minority party. Now that they have taken over and driven out the Reagan conservatives, they can get used to being a minority party again.

And, for God's sake, stop using Ronald Reagan's name to justify yourselves. You've always hated Reagan and thought he was an idiot and a dumb actor. Use Gerald Ford, Bob Dole and Dubya as your heroes. They reflect more of what you believe.