Friday, February 01, 2008

"Frs. X and Y" Should be Named, Too

While the newspaper publishes the details of the homosexual-ephebophile-criminal coverup and names Abp. Cousins and Abp. Weakland, there are a couple of others who should not only be mentioned, but should be PROMINENTLY mentioned:

The Rector(s) of the Major Seminary when Becker, Widera, et al (and there are LOTS more) were ordained.

The Rector has a canonically-imposed duty to formally recommend individuals for Ordination. He also has a duty to "weed out" individuals from the Seminary prior to Ordination, as SHOULD have happened in the case of Becker.

While the Archbishop may (underline may) have the authority to over-ride a Rector's decisions, there's no question about the primary responsibility here, and these equally guilty conspirators should be named, prominently.

The Vatican issued a warning in 1961, specifically prohibiting homosexuals from Seminary admittance and Ordination. The Vatican did that for a reason.

The Rector(s) were just as culpable as the Archbishops, folks.


RAG said...

While the old geezer here and I often disagree, we are eye-to-eye on this one.

Pope John Paul II said it best and unequivocally. Civilly, this type of conduct is criminal and theologically it's "an appalling sin."

Papal statements (and many church documents) are often laden with verbosity and confusion so when the pope says something clear, unequivocally and in plain language, he means it. And he's right.

This is one area where liberals, conservatives and moderates within the church can all agree on. We hear homily after homilyu about "stewardship" but where was the stewardship here?

I'm too angry to continue.

Dad29 said...

I'll have a bit more to say on this.


By reading the tea-leaves of your blog, I discern that we are approximately the same age, by the way...