Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tom Barrett: Lost in Space

You might have heard that there were two shooting incidents on the near south side of Milwaukee a couple of nights ago.

Two police officers were hurt; one is still hospitalized.

Naturally, Milwaukee's Mayor raised an issue of major importance:

The mayor said he hoped Tuesday's shootings might spur debate at both the state and national level about the availability and legality of large-capacity magazines.

It was that "availability" which caused ....exactly ....what, Tommy? Did it cause the shootings? Did it cause the drug-dealing? Did it cause the gangs?

Tell us, Tommy!


Billiam said...

Hang it all, Dad! You know they can't subjugate us as easily if we're armed! So fact and truth matter not a whit to them.

Anonymous said...

The legislature must act to make it illegal to shoot a cop.
That would be a real fix to this mess.