Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another Pic the MSM Has Not Run

Yup. Those are Muslims assisting the Catholic who is putting the cross back on the cupola of St. James' church in Baghdad.

May as well see it here (or other blogsites.) It won't run in the MSM.


m.z. forrest said...

It is apparently a significant picture to you. Maybe you can explain why.

Dad29 said...

Oh, I don't know, MZ

Did you actually read the text above the picture in the post?

jp said...

Anyone who doesn’t understand the significance of this has their head up their xxx or in the sand.

m.z. forrest said...

I suppose the 100,000+ refugees are window dressing, just hiding the real Iraq.

They found a few Muslims in a country of millions who are willing to pose for a photo op. Miracles are easy to come by now a days.

Take your head out of your ass jp.

Shack said...

Funny you should mention those refugees, MZ. A considerable number of those fleeing have been Christians, for obvious reasons.

And now, here we have Muslims helping to put the distinctive cross back on top of a church as it reopens.


Still don't get it?

Darryl said...

Big Deal!

The Roman Catholic "Church", just like the Mormon "Church", is not a true Christian Church

The RC's worship false idols just like their heathen brethren, the Islamo-Facists you have pictured. No wonder they want to work together!