Thursday, October 11, 2007

UN-like the Crandon Cop the Cleveland school-shooter.

This was the Asa who always seemed to be in fights at school. This was the Asa who slapped around his mother. This was the Asa who talked about suicide.

And it was this Asa, authorities say, who walked into SuccessTech Academy Wednesday with a satchel full of guns and ammunition and opened fire on teachers and students.

"In the end, you never know who is going to snap," classmate Aaron King said while heading home through a cold afternoon drizzle. "You have to watch who you make mad."

What apparently pushed Asa's troubled young mind over the edge was an argument with classmates about the existence of God. It happened a few days ago in reading class.

Asa said he didn't believe in God and didn't respect God.

Another kid disagreed.

Asa said he worshipped rock star Marilyn Manson. He flashed the other kid an obscene gesture

Gee. Who woulda thunk??

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capper said...

Methinks you may have been a bit premature with this post. The story is nowhere near complete yet. There are still too many holes to get a grasp of the Crandon murderer's psyche at this time.

I personally wouldn't be surprised to find out he was a bit "touched in the head".