Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Airline/Terror Dry Run?

You be the judge.

"I was in seat 21-A, next to the last row of the plane. It was a full flight, fairly uneventful. Looking back at the flight, after what happened at the end, the only thing that hinted to the fact that something was going on was a flight attendant's announcement mid–flight. She came on the intercom and said in a very stern voice, not quite but almost a panic: 'You must go back to your seats. You can not congregate near the bathroom at the front. There are two bathrooms in the back.'

...Yesterday [Tuesday, October 9], when I went to the Frontier [Airlines] counter to check in for my flight back home, I asked the guy at the counter if he'd heard anything about what happened on Sunday.

He said, 'I was here on Sunday.
Again, I asked him what happened.

'I can't tell you,' the [Frontier gate agent] said. 'I can apologize, but I can't tell you.'

I said I understood.

'I can tell you this much,' he said. 'An Arab man locked himself in the front bathroom for the majority of the flight. And at orders, he refused to come out. That wasn't the end of the story, but I can't tell you any more.'

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