Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shrink-O-Gram Deputies? Nope.

RAG, who knows what he's talking about, offers a few observations on the silliness from the Informed Scriveners (who are not particularly wise.)

Then there's the question about why this young deputy wasn't given a psychological examination as part of the hiring process.

At first blush it, too, seems like a good question but at the end of the day it's another red herring dreamed up by people with nothing better to do but look for scapegoats and phantom explanations.

There's no guarantee that a psychological exam will prevent a tragedy as such exams are of questionable reliability.The Milwaukee Police Department has psychological screening as part of its hiring process. Did that prevent Frank Jude from getting the you-know-what beat out of him by a gang of rogue cops?

The lesson? Stuff happens. Whether it's the Crandon story, or whether the brakes suddenly fail on an automobile...

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capper said...

You are right in the sense that stuff happens. But the truly wise can and do take steps to minimize the proverbial stuff from hitting the proverbial fan.

Furthermore, while I cannot attest that it is true for all, I do know that the cops that were at the center of the Jude trials had been hired without going through psych evals. Don't you think that might have saved the taxpayers a few bucks in the long run?