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The UN: Anti-Woman

When you read or hear UN propaganda, you hear about "rights of women."

Then you read about the actualities. institutions like UNFPA, [UN Population Fund] created after World War II to foster development, are key drivers of the unfolding tragedy through their promotion of fertility decline as a prerequisite for human development, and fertility control as an international human right.

How does that work?

Throughout human history, demographers tell us, nature has provided about 105 male births for every 100 females. This “sex ratio at birth”—stable across generations and ethnic boundaries—may range from 103 to as high as 106 boys for every 100 girls. In only one generation, that ratio has come unglued.

A Chinese census reports ratios as high as 120–136 boys born for every 100 girls; in Taiwan, ratios of 119 boys to 100 girls; in Singapore 118 boys per 100 girls; South Korea 112 boys per 100 girls; and in India, where the practice was outlawed in 1994, the ratio continues to exceed 120 boys for every 100 girls in some areas. Countries such as Greece, Luxembourg, El Salvador, the Philippines, Cape Verde, and Egypt, even among some ethnic groups in the United States (Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino), are showing the same deadly discrimination against daughters.

What is the cause of the crisis? Experts point to a recent confluence of four main factors: rising access to sonogram technology, increased access to abortion, a preference for sons, and fertility decline.

And who, exactly, provides 'sonograms..abortion access..and fertility decline?


whose latest update to its report on member-state contributions shows that eight wealthy European countries, along with Canada and Japan, pay 86% of the $389 million bill to fund that agency, which aggressively promotes population control.

And who set "population control" as a priority?

From the time Robert McNamara took the reins of the World Bank in 1968 to the latest Bank health, nutrition, and population strategy released in April, successive Bank presidents have pursued an aggressive population-control agenda, targeting developing countries.

None other than the "boy genius" of the Vietnam War. Obviously, screwing up the US military and Vietnam was hardly enough of an accomplishment for this creature.

Now that women are becoming an endangered species,

UNFPA executive director Thoraya Obaid still thinks global contraceptive use is too low and told the press in March that the world needs a “wake up call to the urgency of giving couples the means to exercise their human right to freely determine the sizes of their families.” Obaid’s remark gives us a window into the tight collaboration between U.N. development, health, and human rights officials in promoting reproductive rights. In recent years, this has included UNICEF as well

Who's next on the elimination-parade-hit-list?

...the next victims of the trend will be Africa’s baby girls. With all the other evils facing them, so far they have largely avoided the deadly violence of sex selection due to that region’s relatively high fertility rates. International organizations like UNFPA are engaging in a full-court press to increase contraceptive prevalence in Africa (now the world’s lowest at 27%) and to liberalize abortion laws by several means, including a controversial continent-wide framework called the Maputo Protocol.

Sure happy that the US helps out with UN finances.

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