Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The FBI's Little Problem With Criminals

Seems that the FBI is not exactly pure as the driven snow.

Representative Delahunt: I'm not talking about the Attorney General guidelines. Do they [FBI agents] have a legal responsibility, currently, to report evidence, both exculpatory, or evidence of a crime, when a homicide is being investigated?"

Murphy: If you will indulge me Congressman, I'd like the opportunity to answer that question offline because there are various circumstances under which that question might be answered differently that would include some of the aspects about how we manage sources, how we make decisions about the management of sources. And I would appreciate the opportunity to answer that question for the record offline.

What is that all about?

The FBI does not always tell the locals that an FBI confidential informant has murdered someone while working for the FBI.

AND the FBI has 'buried' exculpatory information (thus sending the wrong people to prison) when that information suits FBI purposes.

What's it mean to you?

About $100 million in damages in the last reported settlement.

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