Thursday, August 09, 2007

Doh! "..over-Designed and Too Big"

This didn't take long--and it should come as no surprise.

Elmbrook voters soundly defeated a school-administration proposal to spend $100+ million.

The post-mortem examination is taking place, and the committee folks discovered a few problems:

The team discussed how the costs rose from decisions to add air conditioning to all of both high schools (they have limited air conditioned areas now), to replace all existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems with new ones and to size classrooms at an average of 825 square feet vs. 725 or 750 square feet, among other issues.

The District had "dirty pictures" of mechanical rooms available for the press and the public. Why "dirty"?

Because the District had deferred maintenance of the mechanicals, figuring that the voters would recoil in horror and give them whatever they wanted.

ALL air-conditioned.

ALL major systems ripped out and replaced.

ADD 75 to 100 square feet/room.


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Pete Fanning said...

I'm getting some CURIOUS hits on my Elmbrook referendum posts.....very interesting indeed....