Thursday, August 09, 2007

Barrett and Hargarten: The Gang That Can't Shoot Straight

Mayor Tommy and his faithful companion Doctor Stevie just cannot do it.

They cannot pin the tail on the donkeys--and yes, there are a couple of donkeys available.

A convicted felon has a gun. Said convicted felon becomes a "room-mate" of a woman who (shall we say politely) lacks judgment in picking "room-mates."

The felon places his illegally-possessed firearm behind a stove, at damn near eye-level for toddlers. Said illegally-possessed firearm is loaded, with a round chambered, and with the safety off. The word "donkey" is far too polite for this slimebucket, but it should be apparent that he is a central figure in the game.

Mommy, who picked the room-mate, leaves a 6-year-old to supervise and play with a 3-year-old, while she wanders down the block with her infant to chit-chat at 10:00 PM. This confirms that the mom has less mental horsepower than God gave a field-mouse.

The 3-year-old, supervised by the 6-year-old, finds the eyeball-level, loaded gun and promptly shoots the 6-year-old. No motive was disclosed for the shooting.

Quoth Mayor Tommy: "How did they have access to a gun, an illegal gun?"

Actually, Mayor, the gun is legal. It is OWNED by a criminal, which means that the criminal/stud-muffin/donkey broke the law. The gun did NOT break the law; it wasn't even a conspirator, according to the police.

Pinning the tail firmly into the fireplace, Dr. Hargarten rants: Such shootings could be reduced if guns were designed to prevent young children or other unauthorized people from using them, said Stephen Hargarten, chairman of the department of emergency medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

It's the EEEEeeeeevillll Gun Manufacturers!!

Damn good thing these two college graduates, Barrett and Hargarten, don't point guns. Based on their track record, it's likely that Ann E Schwartz would be the next victim.


RAG said...

Isn't it Chief Schwartz?

The gun may be legal but the manner in which it was possessed (by a convicted felon) was not and how it was stored was not only criminal but insane.

Dr. Hargarten means well but while he floats an idea he doesn't suggest how it would be accomplished.

Still, as one who wore a badge and gun, you neutralize the weapon while at home and off duty. That's common sense. But if common sense was common, it would be sold in the store.

Glenn D. Frankovis said...

Would I be too late to join Nan Hegerty and Tom Barrett by saying, "I'm appalled!".

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Rag - You took the words out of my mouth. Just how is it that they can design a gun to prevent children and unauthorized users from using it? Relatively perplexing. Seems to me that the best way to do this is lock and key.