Monday, June 04, 2007

China Is Our Friend, If We Are the Teachers' Union

HT Charlie, who points to this essay by Christian.

The most interesting graf is this one:

In response to the Darfur genocide, thirteen U.S. states have passed laws that eliminate state investment in companies who do business in Sudan. Another eighteen states are currently debating bills to do so, and Wisconsin is among them. (Full disclosure: The Wisconsin Senate Bill’s author is my former boss.) Currently, Wisconsin has about $110 million invested in companies identified as contributors to the genocide in Sudan. The legislation targets companies, primarily Chinese contractors, which aid the Sudanese government directly - companies who actually attempt to aid the refugees aren't affected.

PRC's record of mass murders, forced abortions, "body-parts" sales (no matter how they're obtained), oligarchical/familial greed, open derision of US interests (and open threats to Taiwan), not to mention their astonishing disregard for Gaia's delicate ecology, are reasons enough for SWIB to disinvest, now. One should ask who the Hell made the decision to get into these damn stocks in the first place.

But if you're a teacher in Wisconsin, those little hiccups are not real important.

The Teachers are not alone, though. They're are joined by the Cops, Firefighters, School Administrators and School Boards, who also like Investments in Genocide.

Think they're proud of it?

By the way, the targets of the genocide consist of Christians (Catholics, really) and Animists.

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