Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Chertoff: Giuliani's Crime-Fighting Doesn't Work for Me

This guy, Mickey "the Gnome" Chertoff, is unaware of the basics, according to Hot Air:

...Under the Chertoff plan, you don’t go after big criminals by enforcing lesser crimes, so the Untouchables’ tactic that got gangster Al Capone put away on tax evasion would be off the table.

Chertoff needs some schoolin’ on crime fighting. How do you catch big, tough criminals? Bigtime criminals tend to be scofflaws in most respects. That goes for illegal alien criminals too. If you, say, ask someone caught jaywalking about their immigration status or do respond to fender-benders involving illegal aliens–both things that Chertoff says he doesn’t want his agents doing–you just might catch that big, tough illegal alien criminal. Or you might not. But at least you’ve sent the message that you will enforce even the little laws. That keeps the would-be scofflaw in line and warns the bigtime crook that you’re after him and eventually you’ll get him if he makes one bad move.

But then, maybe "broken-windows" police techniques only work in New York City, eh?


Glenn D. Frankovis said...

You're right on target Dad.

Glenn D. Frankovis said...

I guess I should have said Hot Air is right on target, but you know what I meant.