Monday, June 04, 2007

Huebsch Starts the Counter-Punch

In a letter dated June 2, Mike Huebsch, (R), promised tax relief to Wisconsin citizens.

A Real Property Tax Freeze, Permanent Income Tax Relief, Health Insurance Premium Tax Deductibility, Elimination of Estate Tax, Elimination of State Tax on Retirement Income

are the headlines in his letter. He goes on:

The Assembly Republican Tax agenda is the foundation of our budget deliberations, and highlights the extreme differences between Governor Doyle and his Democratic supporters. We will put taxpayers first, while the Democrats have already shown their cards. It is their intention to pay for government first. I am looking forward to that debate.

All well and good. But when you read Huebsch's letter, this sentence precedes the above:

However, to deliver a budget that taxpayers can afford, it will require us to go beyond simply saying no to the Democrat tax increases...

Agreed. But that also calls for SPENDING reductions. Let's put those on the table, too!!

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