Sunday, February 04, 2007

Your Cough Won't Stop? Here's a Possible Remedy

From Some Have Hats:

Last time we were in North Carolina, my husband came home from the drug store with the worst tasting thing I have ever put anywhere near my mouth. He said, "The pharmacist said it's horrific, but if you want to stop coughing, this will do it." He was right on both counts.

The stuff is called "Buckley's Mixture."

Buckley's ad campaign seems to be straightforward:

"We're #1, But We Taste Like #2" quipped a former Buckley's ad—just one example of a ‘tell like it is’ advertisement for Buckley's cough suppressant. To be sure, Buckley's is nasty tasting, awful smelling stuff. The thick, gooey, sugar- and alcohol-free liquid is the kind of elixir that will send shivers down your spine and clear the cobwebs from your head at the first wince-filled spoonful.

So you know, neither "Hats" nor I are MDs. Didn't sleep in a Holiday Inn Express, either.

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Phelony Jones said...

That makes me think of swedish bitters. Camphor and all.