Monday, February 12, 2007

Barrett & Doyle: Will The Axis Rise Again?

"Milk-Carton" Barrett, Milwaukee's occasionally-present Mayor, is making nice-nice noises about DarthDoyle:

Darth, following the "spend more than you can imagine" script, promised Milk-Carton several million dollars (at least in theory) with his budget announcements. As a result, Milk-Carton has been very careful to back off on criticism of Darth.

In fact, he is expected to be kind of nice:

Barrett indicated money Doyle is including in his budget ($1.5 million over two years) will help.

Some of us recall the old Maier-Lucey Axis with justifiable concern. During that time period, Milwaukee became "the drain" for all of the State's tax dollars.

Keep your eyes on the ball, folks.

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