Saturday, February 03, 2007

Kudos to Katie and Jessica!

The local girl makes REALLY good.

Last February, the main folks judging Katie Crabb's work were her teachers at Brookfield Central High School. This February, some 90 million people will get to see what she can do.

The college freshman, who just turned 19, has won a national contest and the honor of having a Chevrolet commercial she developed shown during the Super Bowl, the premier forum for the ad industry.

It was an improbable victory: Crabb has no advertising background. She competed against more than 200 entrants and, in the finals at General Motors headquarters in Detroit, stood alone against four other teams, each consisting of seniors or graduate students in fields such as advertising and visual communications.

She entered the Chevy Super Bowl College Ad Challenge as part of a first-semester media-writing class at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her teacher, Jessica McBride, gave students the option of designing contest ads for the week they spend on broadcast ad writing.

OK. We'll watch for the commercial.

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