Friday, February 02, 2007

Is Alderman Donovan the Next Tom Reynolds?

While Tom Reynolds was a good conservative, he said and did a few wacky things. Most of us assigned the wacko moments to "charm," as in 'odd-but-not-harmful.'

Let's hope Milwaukee's Aldermen Donovan is in the same category. Here's the "odd" part, reported by Kevin Fischer in his blog:

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan says the Governor should step in and take over control of the entire Milwaukee Public Schools System. Uhhh, Bob….about 50-100 people in a crowd of 1100 got out of hand. And you want the state to take over the entire MPS system?

Actually, Kevin, I'd rather have the Governor and the Legislature teaching schools than actually making laws and raising taxes...

Maybe Donovan has a point, eh?

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