Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sykes, Sensenbrenner, and Security vs. DarthDoyle and Pedro

No mystery there, folks.

Sykes predicted (Sunday Insight, 12/31/06) that there'll be a "major terror attack" on US soil during 2007. Not exactly a bright-sunshine prediction, but not in the least ill-founded.

Sensenbrenner, of course, was the Congressman who rammed the REAL-ID act through. This act will significantly enhance National Security by tightening up standards and protocols for issuance of drivers' licenses. (The quotes below are from Sensenbrenner to Human Events.)

"The 9/11 Commission hit the nail on the head when it said that driver’s licenses are breeder documents for other types of identification, and that if we do not have the document from which other forms of identification flow be absolutely secure and state who the person really is, then we will have more and more IDs being used for criminal and terrorist purposes."

That's a good thing, no? National security, protecting our families, ...

Well, it doesn't sit well with the DarthDoylies:

"I received a letter from my state’s department of transportation predicting gloom and doom when the REAL ID Act kicks in in May of 2008. There is no reason why that should happen. Perhaps the REAL ID was a jolt to the state of Wisconsin, which was one of eight states that continued to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants before REAL ID was passed."

Right on schedule, we get the wailing and the gnashing of teeth from Darth's flunkies in Madistan:

Because of new federal anti-terrorism laws passed to prevent identity theft, the method by which Wisconsin records the most important events in our lives must change - and soon.

The first estimate put the cost of the massive update at $24.3 million, based on costs in other states and meetings with private companies that might bid on the work. That cost would include a computer system just for those records.

Separately, the state Department of Transportation has asked for $20.7 million to verify information on driver's licenses because of new federal anti-terrorism requirements. To pay for the security system, the department wants to raise the cost of renewing a license from $24 to $34.

Twenty-five million dollars? That's just about what UW pissed away on their failed payroll system. It's what DNR pissed away on their failed CWD deer-eradication program. Hell, $25 Million is pocket change to WEAC.

Pedro Colon, a legislator, is the major Bitcher/Moaner, although Frankie Busalacchi of DOT ain't far behind...

Rep. Pedro Colón (D-Milwaukee) called the new requirement an "archaeological escapade" and a "waste of money."

Colón said of the new federal rules, "We don't exist, unless the federal government tells (its agencies) we exist."

Jam it, Pedro. If YOU want your family to live in Lebanon, move there. Don't bring Lebanon here. Got it?

Oh, and Pedro: find the $25 million in the "mortgages for illegals" program. You know it's in there...

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