Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Liturgeist Unleashed: Liceity Takes Lumps

Modern Commentaries visited a different (but local) parish.

Oh, so .... 1990's:

Yesterday, we went to a certain Milwaukee parish to fulfill our Sunday Mass obligation.

Dave is friends with the pastor (as he is with several priests), even though this pastor is more liberal that we are. He knew this pastor engaged in liturgical...creativity, shall we say...and was prepared for it.

But nothing could have prepared me for the liturgical...hand gesturing that went on during mass.

It was like the parishioners were doing the Macarena. During Mass.

And pundits wonder why real men don't like "church."

From the combox:

Instead of the usual Sanctus-Memorial Acclamation-Amen, the congregation would sing the refrain from "Angels We Have Heard On High". Accompanying this was the crossing of the arms across the chest (first left, then right), uncrossing them, lifting them up in an orans gesture, then lowering them. A Liturgical Macarena, like my wife said.

It is illicit for anyone, including a priest, to change the texts (or insert 'ad lib' texts) during a Mass.

One wonders if the Liturgeist at this parish has an MA/Liturgical "Studies" from St Francis Major Seminary.

Next up: Oprah's Book Club and Decorating Hints, 10:00 Sunday.

Some regard Liturgeist activity as "contributing" to parish life. It's true, in the same fashion that those who spread herpes "contribute" to society.


Anonymous said...

St. Francis does not have an MA in Liturgical Studies.

Dad29 said...

More to follow on the MA question.

Anonymous said...

From the SFS.EDU website...

Prepare for lay ministry

Saint Francis Seminary has offered two programs of lay ministry formation:

* The graduate Lay Formation Program – a program of professional preparation, combining studies toward a Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies degree with pastoral experience and spiritual formation.
* The Certificate Lay Ministry Formation Program - a non-degree, four-year program of basic ministry preparation featuring theological, pastoral and spiritual formation.

Although Saint Francis Seminary is no longer admitting new students to these programs, those currently enrolled will complete their programs and receive their degrees or lay ministry certificates through the Seminary.

Dad29 said...

Well, there you go.

MA/Pastoral or MA/Divinity.

In contrast, to insert a Macarena dance at Mass requires only a 3rd-grade education and a TV set.