Saturday, January 06, 2007

McGee, Sr. and Hotpants Berger

Sykes bloggeth:

[There is audio] of Michael McGee Sr. threatening to "go berserk" and start shooting up City Hall, joking about using his 9 mm and other guns. As Wendy notes:

Charlie, If a kid in a high school said the words McGee Sr. did, he would be expelled and referred to juvenile authorities. If a community leader says it? No big deal.

...and if Wendy, or Charlie, or you or I were to remove documents from the National Archives, stuff them in our pants, and then shred parts we didn't like at home...

Do you REALLY think we'd get a fine and "community service?"

Obviously, if you want to do big-time crime, become a big-time player, preferably IN the Gummint.

You know, P-I-G loyalty knows no bounds--national security or lives of (our) children be damned.

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