Saturday, January 06, 2007

Got Vaseline?

Yah, that feeling is there for a reason:

Net Wisconsin property taxes for 2006-07 are estimated to rise 3.3% to $8.1 billion, exceeding last year’s increase of 2.3%, according to new figures from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance (WISTAX). The percentages are for the state as a whole, and increases for individual communities can vary greatly.

Although this year’s 3.3% increase in total net levies is larger than last year’s, it is less than in recent history. Net levy increases averaged 5.4% since 1997 and 4.6% since 2002

Those dates are very significant.

Of the five major governmental units that use the property tax, schools accounted for the largest increase (5.4%), followed by technical colleges (4.6%), municipalities (3.8%), counties (3.2%), and the state (2.7%). This year, school levies will total $3.79 billion, or 43.5% of the gross total. Last year, school levies dropped 0.5% when the state boosted school aid.

The "proptax freeze" joins the "balanced State budget" in the REALLY BIG LIES reference book.

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