Saturday, September 02, 2006

P-Mac (Ilheran)'s Unfinished Thought

P-Mac is a talented writer who's capable of being smooth AND critical simultaneously.

Such talents are not resident in this blogger. Going for the throat is much more fun.

Here, P-Mac lays out one aspect of the L. MacNamara-McGraw "platform" of 'How to Be a D.A." and mentions one result:

...McNamara-McGraw said she would "let all (assistant district attorneys) know that they will issue no charges, particularly against people of color, for non-violent alleged possession with intent to deliver of any kind of drug ... without taped testimony, if it is alleged the way we prove it is with a confession," according to WisPolitics' reporting.

After being reminded that such orders of battle are un-Constitutional prima facie, the candidate sorta retreats, spraying as much foofoodust in the air as possible:

"It is time that we as lawyers confront the issues of gender and race discrimination in our system of justice." WisPolitics reports that while she said it would be appropriate to charge or not based on race, "she called for more training and awareness on how different decisions affect different races."

Apparently, McWhats-her-name means that "retailing" should have a broader meaning than selling shoes, clothes, food, and gasoline for some people.

P-Mac concludes:

...any talk of going soft on those accused of such social predation simply because of their skin color is an insult tothe hundreds of thousands of black Milwaukeeans trying to live peaceful lives.

What P-Mac does NOT say:

MacNamara-McGraw's idiotic "thought" will guaran-friggin-tee an escalation of murders and robberies in Milwaukee's Inner City and effectively create a free-fire zone for drug-pushing criminals in that area.

How many bright, promising 13-year-olds will be alive after that, Ms. MacMac?

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