Saturday, September 09, 2006

About Iran

Little Green Footballs gets the report from an attendee at the speech by Ayatollah Mohammad Khatami.

In view of the pissing/moaning and threats riot now being thrown by the Dimowit Fascists Reid, Schumer, Durbin, et al., this portion of her testimony is VERY interesting:

He asked my name, which I gave, then asked what I would like to talk about. I asked him what changes in American policy toward Iran he would like to see from the next U.S. administration. He broke into a great big smile and became almost animated. I can boil it down for you to one word.


If we just do what Clinton did, things would be much better. Color me surprised. Heh.

Later, at dinner, she is seated next to:

...the dinner companion that turned out to be the most interesting - an American/Iranian man down from NYC. He’s a law student at Fordham and knows more about the workings of Iranian politics and society than anyone I’ve ever met. He was directly to my left. Here’s his take on Khatami (briefly).

He’s not a politican, he’s a theoretician/philosopher. He picked up a lot of this thinking from the rationalist German philosophers (he named a few - I’ve never heard of them and I was a philosophy major).

The major reform he wanted for Iran was to move it away from oppressive theocracy to what the West would describe as pluralism. He NEVER EXPECTED to win the election. He campaigned simply to get the national discussion moving about his ideas. But win he did. The cabinet he put in place was comprised of absolutely brilliant people. But they too were of the ‘academic/theory’ bent, ‘elitists vs. populists’.

So why did his reformist agenda fail?

My dinner companion was blunt. “Theocratic thugs”.

There was an assasination attempt on a cabinet member that left him w/permanent brain damage and it went downhill from there. Many in his gov’t wanted to strike the mullahs and strike hard but Khatami was afraid it would tear the country apart “he didn’t trust the strength of the social fabric”.

What Clinton did was to ignore IslamoFascism. While the cleric Khatami is seemingly a relatively decent fellow, the bozo actually running things in Iran is a lunatic, at best.

So was Adolph Hitler.

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