Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Scott Walker's Challenge--ANSWERED!!

Has Tom Ament moved out of the country yet? Does he really think that Gary Dobbert will be a happy and harmless old fart when he emerges from prison as the only fall-guy in the GreedyBastardAment scam?

Now it seems that the $400-million hole of 1998 has become the $1.4 BILLION hole of 2006.
The AFSCME thugs are not going to play nice, figuring what-the-Hell, the law is on OUR side, so:

a top labor leader challenged Walker to find lower-cost approaches to [health] coverage instead of trying to limit workers' rights.

Not a problem, Scott. Here's a part of the solution:

ALL surgery except day-surgery will be outsourced to India. The County will pick up airfare and doctor/hospital charges (for the insured, not their spouse.)

According to reports, that will knock about 50% (net/net) off the cost of surgical procedures.

You're on your own for non-surgical healthcare, Scott. We did our part for ideas...

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