Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Home Invasion by Order of the Greens

You thought the anti-radium and ozone campaigns were invasive? That Nanny Complex-ridden Legislatures and doofus regulators with their "green" mandates for housing and highway restrictions, yadayada were nutballs?

Wait until you get your EPA-mandated ROOMMATE, or your new EPA-designed (super-tiny) apartment!!!

The rising number of one-person households in England and Wales will put increased pressure on the environment, research out today revealed.

People living on their own consume more energy and create more waste than individuals sharing a home which could cause an environmental crisis in the near future, according to a report published in the journal "Environment, development and sustainability".

Eco-Freakos just LOVE the word "crisis." Air Crisis, Water Crisis, Garbage Crisis, Ozone Crisis, ...

It said one-person householders are the biggest consumers of energy, land and household goods. They consume 38% more products, 42% more packaging, 55% more electricity and 61% more gas per person than an individual in a four-person household.

Altogether WAAAYYYYY too much Consumin' out there...

The report says that more should be done by the government to encourage people to live more space-efficiently.

For example, an occupancy tax could be introduced which would be charged based on the number of people and habitable rooms in the property to encourage people to live in a more space efficient way. A relocation package could be introduced to encourage lower-income households to move into smaller properties.

Now that's interesting. They will move "Lower-Income" households into smaller properties. IOW, they will create segregated housing?

Not mentioned (yet), is the option of requiring a room-mate; one which the Government will select for you. Just like at Waupun!

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