Friday, August 04, 2006

Chesterton Irrelevant Today? Not by a LONG Shot

Here's a short review of The Flying Inn, a novel by G K Chesterton.

The germane and (we hope) tantalizing excerpt:

As The Flying Inn goes on it gradually becomes apparent that Ivywood is working towards destroying the entire Christian and Western identity of England. As Catholic priest Addison H. Hart pointed out in a recent essay, while Ivywood is using Islamicism as a tool, he is also a creature of pseudo-Nietzscheanism. "I see the breaking of barriers," he says. "Beyond that I see nothing." They are words that could be straight from modern deconstructionism and they encapsulate its ultimately Hellish nature. Ivywood is, ultimately, the voice of Antichrist. His associates and tools, his "false prophets," are a strange little Turk, Misysra Ammon, and a miserable crawling journalist, Hibbs However.

(The red highlight is for Owen in prep for his upcoming debate...)

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