Friday, August 04, 2006

Owen: First Thing: DEFINE THE TERMS

This could be very interesting, assuming (BIG "assuming" here) that the terms and definitions are clear (and conform to what is true...)

But throughout the month of August, Owen (a ban supporter) from Boots & Sabers and I will throw around some arguments in a blog debate over the ban.

Here’s how it will work: Every Friday of this month, Jenna (who is undecided on how she’ll vote) from Right off the Shore will pose a question.

On Monday evening, in 750 words or less, I’ll post my answer here. On Tuesday evening, Owen will post his response to his blog. Later that night he’ll write a short rebuttal to my response. And I will post my rebuttal on Wednesday. We'll repeat this format for four weeks, alternating who responds first.

We’ll lay out all the ground rules tomorrow when we officially commence the debate. So stay tuned, it should make for a fun month in the blogosphere.

Umnnnhhh--Sykes seems to like the idea.

Good to see that Owen's going to engage the debate. He has firmly-held principles and an understanding of the issue. Let's hope that he doesn't get trapped into the "IT'S RELIGIOUS NUTCASES!!" argument...


grumps said...

Actually, there are a lot of very religious folks who are working very hard to defeat the amendment. The nutcases haven't cornered the market.

Dad29 said...


Until you can prove to me that homosexual activity is "natural," I'll stick with the Natural Law defense of The Amendment.

No religion is necessary to understand what any crude drawing can tell you...

But the Unitarians don't get it.

Todd said...

It's not just the Unitarians.

It's the Evangelical Lutherans, the Presbyterians, the Methodists, the UCC, the synagogues, and various other unaffiliated congregations as well.

Billiam said...

When did you change your name to Ingrid?

Dad29 said...


NOT the Orthodox Jewish synagogues--NOT the Missouri Lutherans (much less the Wisconsin Lutherans)--NOT the Jehovah's Witnesses, nor Mormons.

I see a pattern, fella. And neither you nor Grumps have addressed my argument, which is NOT religious.