Friday, July 07, 2006

"Reformers" Running Commercials

The shadowy and deceptive "Greater Wisconsin Committee" bunch runs ads which are meant to drag Cong. Green down to the level of BagManJim Doyle.

Good luck in that effort...not likely ANYONE can be dragged to Doyle's now-subterranean level.

But it is ironic that one of the themes the ads sound has to do with campaign contributions.

Ain't it fun?

GWC does NOT disclose who sends them the money for their ads--nor for Bill Christofferson's salary and/or fees.

One of the REAL reforms which should occur in electoral politics is to require that ALL contributors to ALL campaigns, 527's, and other interest groups who place ads in any media, or who contribute to any candidate, be listed on-line, within one week of the donation's arrival. No exceptions. A print copy of the list, updated weekly, should be made available at all State office buildings, as well--for those who do not have 'net access.

Who could possibly object to this?

Well, OK. Xoff will object, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

You realize, of course, Daddy-Zero, that this would mean Steve King's crackpot "Coalition for America's Families" would have to disclose its sources of funding as well. Interesting that people like you blast the Greater Wisconsin Committee but conveniently ignore right-wing entities which belch propaganda which is no more truthful -- and no less deceptive. What say you, Horation

Dad29 said...

The adjective I used in my proposal was "ALL."

You know the meaning of the term "ALL?"