Friday, July 07, 2006

"China Is Our Friend" Part 265 Where's GWB??

We've mentioned, often, that Red China flagrantly violates human rights. It continues to disappoint us that the Bush Administration (and its predecessor) simply refuse to revoke MFN/PNTR and penalize Red China with the trade restrictions and impairments which will follow such a move.

Here's another example:

Beijing - Police detained an elderly bishop from the underground Roman Catholic Church shortly after he underwent surgery in northern China\'s Hebei province, a US-based Catholic group said on Friday.

Police from China's religious affairs bureau took bishop Jia Zhiguo away from a hospital in Hebei's Jinzhou city on June 25, while he was 'still very sick with his catheter in place' following unspecified surgery in early June, the Cardinal Kung Foundation said in a statement.

Officials told hospital staff that Jia, 72, would be sent home but later told members of his congregation that he was sent for 'education,' the statement said.

"Re-education" eh?

...among other sources of foreign capital, PRChina provides replacement body-organs to order by simply executing the right blood-type "prisoner." PRChina continues to enforce its "one-child" policy, most often through butchering the second baby either pre- or post-birth.

But Red China is "our friend."

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St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

I've written to Senators Nelson and Hagel about this before, and looks like it's time to do so again. These episodes are why I go to lengthy measures to avoid buying stuff made in China.
I bet the catholics over there are much more devoted for the persecution than our cushy pew-warmers.